Flexpoint Enjoys a Day in Veristride’s Shoes

iStock_Multi-Modal-300x225Flexpoint Sensor Systems is celebrating the acclaim its technology received at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show. Technically, the acclaim went to another company, Veristride, but this isn’t a matter of Flexpoint wishing it was in Veristride’s shoes – its technology literally was in the award-winning shoes Veristride had on display at the show.
Veristride makes inserts for shoes that use biometric technology with the aim of helping to rehabilitate stroke victims. Its products were named one of “The Five Most Disruptive Innovations at CES 2015,” and given that it was Flexpoint’s Bend Sensor technology that provided the biometric component, it deserves to enjoy a bit of the limelight too.
Speaking in a press release, Flexpoint President Clark Mower called it “an honor” to enjoy such recognition, and emphasized that his team “expect to fill a void in the medical rehabilitation market by providing doctors and patients with real time feedback that can be monitored, stored and evaluated to give patients quick and full recovery.”
Biometric technology has proven increasingly important in healthcare applications, and for good reason. Wearable technology infused with biometric sensors is now able to collect vast amounts of advanced health data, and biometrics is also driving a kind of revolution in remote care. With their shoe inserts poised to potentially help millions of stroke victims in rehabilitation, Flexpoint and Veristride seem to richly deserve the recognition from CES.