FPC Celebrates Major Milestone: 1 Billion Biometric Sensors Shipped

FPC Celebrates Major Milestone: 1 Billion Biometric Sensors Shipped

Fingerprint Cards is celebrating a big milestone this week, announcing that it has now shipped over a billion fingerprint sensors.

The Sweden-based biometrics specialist established itself over the last several years as one of the most prominent suppliers of fingerprint sensors to the mobile market, particularly with respect to Asia-made smartphones. While Fingerprint Cards never provided sensors to Apple itself, it rode the wave of biometric adoption that the latter launched in the mobile market after unveiling its Touch ID system in 2013, delivering the first Android integrations of fingerprint sensors the very next year.

ASPs have dropped in the mobile biometrics market over the last year and change, thanks in part to a flood of competition, and this has prompted ‘Fingerprints’ to seek to expand into new application areas such as biometric payment cards and the automotive sector. But the mobile sector is still very much its core business, with Fingerprints laying claim to over 330 smartphone integrations.

Offering commentary in a Fingerprint Cards press release, ABI Research Principal Analyst Phil Sealy called the one-billion-sensors-mark “a major milestone for the company and the industry, demonstrating rapid consumer adoption of biometrics in recent years.”

“We see sustained growth for the biometrics market in the coming years, driven by existing use cases like smartphones, and the rise of new applications like payment cards and connected cars,” Sealy added.

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