FPC CEO Contemplates PC Biometrics

Fingerprint Cards continues its upwards trajectory. The company has issued its Q3 corporate update, and reports a remarkable rate of continuing growth.

FPC CEO Contemplates PC BiometricsFor the quarter, the company attained revenues of SEK 1,862.3 M, an increase of 93 percent against Q3 of 2015. The company attained an operating profit of SEK 766.8 M, and an operating margin of 41 percent.

Looking at the year to date, FPC has raked in SEK 5,019.6 M, an increase of 224 percent compared to the first three quarters of 2015; and its operating profit reached SEK 2,065.5 M. Its operating margin for this period was also 41 percent.

The company is tempering expectations somewhat for its year-end result, narrowing its revenue guidance from the SEK 7,200-8,300 M range to SEK SEK 7,200-7,500 M. Still, it’s indisputably a leader in its field, with new CEO Christian Fredrikson asserting in a statement that FPC is “the largest supplier of sensors” and that its “market share for 2016 will be in the mid-range of 50-70 percent of the addressable market, meaning the market excluding Apple.”

Fredrikson was presumably referring to the mobile biometrics market specifically, which has been FPC’s mainstay; but he also commented on the company’s efforts to expand. Smart cards remains an area that the company is focusing on intensively, but Fredrikson says “it will take time before it has developed into a mass market”, partly because it will require “new approaches in other value chains.” Meanwhile, “PCs represent an obvious opportunity in the near future,” he said, suggesting we may soon see FPC sensors on new computers and laptops.


(Originally posted on FindBiometrics)