Fingerprint Cards is Looking for a New Chief Financial Officer

Fingerprint Cards is looking for a new Chief Financial Officer. The company has announced that its current CFO, Johan Wilsby, is leaving the company to work for another organization.Fingerprint Cards is Looking for a New Chief Financial Officer

Wilsby is evidently departing the company on very good terms, asserting in a statement that he has “had a fantastic and instructive time at Fingerprint Cards”, adding that he “had the privilege to be involved in the most intense year’s of the company’s growth journey from a small company into a global player.” Meanwhile, FPC CEO Christian Fredrikson called Wilsby “a business-driven and highly appreciated coworker” who “has been instrumental for the company’s financials, growth and positive business development within several areas”.

The company is now looking to fill the role by July of this year, with Wilsby staying on until then at the latest. Whoever becomes the new CFO will join the company at a time of expansion, with FPC looking to move into new markets beyond the mobile biometrics sector that has been its mainstay, and adding to its technological capabilities with the acquisition of iris scanning specialist Delta ID.


(Originally posted on FindBiometrics)