FPC Provides Biometric Sensor on ivvi i3

Today ivvi launched the i3 smartphone and, following the pervasive trend in the mobile device market, the handset is shipping with an embedded fingerprint sensor courtesy of Fingerprint Cards (FPC). The ivvi i3 sports Fingerprint Cards’ FPC1035 biometric sensor running with Precise BioMatch Mobile software from Precise Biometrics.

ivvi i3 Smartphone Launches With FPC Biometric SensorThis is not the first time the smartphone brand has gone with Fingerprint Cards sensor technology, having launched its K2 handset last September sporting an FPC1025 touch sensor.

The FPC1035 sensor featured on the i3 debuted in May 2015 along with the FPC1022 as Fingerprint Cards’ smallest sensors to date. Despite its small size, the FPC1035 maintains the low-power, high-speed 3D imaging functionality Fingerprint Cards technology is known for.

The ivvi i3 is the latest in Fingerprint Cards and Precise Biometrics’ growing legacy of smartphone integrations. The companies, thanks to a long standing license agreement and an aggressive stance in the international smartphone market, have earned their way into the status as leaders in mobile fingerprint biometics technology. FPC has been particularly successful over the past year, making a name for itself as Europe’s best performing stock in 2015.

Mobile biometrics are continuing to change the way we interact with products and services in our increasingly connected world. To learn more about the booming mobile biometrics market be sure to watch the latest entry in our renowned webinar series, Mobile Revolution 2.0: Biometrics, Smartphones, IoT.


(Originally posted on FindBiometrics)