Fingerprint Cards Offering New Biometric Module – FPC-BM

FPC-BM Fingerprint Module Offers Automotive, IoT Applications

Fingerprint Cards has announced a standalone biometric fingerprint module with a range of potential applications. Called FPC-BM, it features a sensor, processor, and template storage, allowing for comprehensive functionality right out of the box.

Fingerprint Cards Offering New Biometric Module - FPC-BM

The FPC-BM fingerprint module offers a range of potential applications.

In a statement announcing the module, FPC highlighted its “access control, industry and healthcare, automotive, and Internet of Things applications.” While the automotive applications will likely prove important as FPC continues to explore that sector, the IoT applications could also prove salient as more connected devices emerge requiring easy-to-integrate security solutions. Moreover, the module is also available in an IP67-class configuration, enabling dust- and water-resistant protection that could prove valuable in the industrial IoT.

FPC says that its FPC-BM is currently “in the final stages of commercialization,” with plans to begin mass production in Q2 of this year. FPC expects the first commercial products featuring the module to emerge soon after, in Q3 of this year.

May 10, 2016 – by Alex Perala

Originally posted on FindBiometrics