FPC Brings its Fingerprint Sensors to the PC Market

Fingerprint Cards has taken its first big step into the PC market with a new solution aimed at connecting its fingerprint sensors to protected enclaves in PCs.

FPC Brings Its Fingerprint Sensors to the PC MarketIt’s a software-based solution designed to support computers using Windows 10 and Intel processors. In a statement, FPC explained that the solution is designed to be “implemented on a co-located microcontroller that is connected between Fingerprints’ touch sensors and the host CPU’s protected enclave”; what exactly that will look like in practice should emerge from collaboration with partners, with the company advertising that this solution is “currently available for customer sampling and design implementation.”

For users, the end result should allow for convenient and secure authentication via Windows Hello, the biometric security platform introduced with Windows 10. Fingerprint Cards PC and Embedded SVP Niklas Strid also highlighted the ability to “make secure purchases” in announcing the solution.

The move comes in the wake of a Q3 report from last October in which FPC CEO Christian Fredrikson suggested that the PC market offers “an obvious opportunity in the near future” for the company.


(Originally posted on FindBiometrics)