FPC1245 Fingerprint Sensor Featured on New OPPO Smartphone

Fingerprint Cards biometric technology is being used in a new smartphone from OPPO. Called the OPPO A57, the device features an FPC1245 fingerprint sensor.

FPC1245 Fingerprint Sensor Featured on New OPPO SmartphoneOPPO is by now a consistent, repeat client of FPC. The same sensor model was used in its multiple previous devices put out by the company over the course of this year: The F1s, the F1 Plus, and the R9 and R9+ smartphones. FPC hasn’t yet specified the software being used in the OPPO A57, but those previous devices all had the sensor running on Precise Biometrics’ Precise BioMatch Mobile algorithm software.

This latest integration further underscores FPC’s leading position as biometric sensor supplier to the mobile market, a base upon which it’s now seeking to expand into new markets including the automotive sector, smart cards, and possibly consumer PCs.

(originally posted on FindBiometrics)