FPC’s Biometric Payment Card Tech Gets Approval from Chinese Testing Authority

Biometrics News - FPC's Biometric Payment Card Tech Gets Approval from Chinese Testing Authority

Fingerprint Cards has achieved an important milestone in its ongoing efforts to pave the way for global adoption of biometric payment card technology. The company’s T-Shape fingerprint sensor module and its FPC-BEP biometric software platform have both passed accuracy and security tests conducted by China’s Bank Card Test Center, or BCTC.

BCTC is an independent testing service that bases its evaluations on the Fingerprint Identification Card Technical Guide, which was developed by China UnionPay, the administrator of a major card scheme in China. Its approval of Fingerprint Cards’ technology thus marks an important development as FPC and its various financial services partners aim for global rollouts of biometric payment cards.

“This is a significant step for us on the road to enable secure and convenient payments for consumers around the world and to make it easier for card manufacturers in China to integrate our superior biometric solution,” explained Fingerprint Cards VP Thomas Rex in a statement announcing the achievement. “We are pleased that we have passed this important performance test as we approach the next step for wider commercial roll-out of biometric payment cards.”

While Fingerprint Cards built its name on smartphone integrations of its biometric technology, the company has recently looked to new application areas to renew growth after intense market saturation in the mobile biometrics space, with biometric payment cards being a key focus. Access control is another area or opportunity, with the BCTC news arriving on the heels of Fingerprint Cards’ announcement of two new sensors aimed specifically at access control applications.