Fujitsu Receives First Private 5G License in Japan

Fujitsu Receives First Private 5G License in Japan

Fujitsu will soon begin implementing Japan’s first private 5G network. The company has been granted a provisional license for a private 5G radio station by the Kanto Bureau of Telecommunications, becoming the first company in the country to receive such a license.

With the license, Fujitsu will be able to set up a radio station and emit private 5G radio waves at the company’s Shin-Kawasaki Technology Square office in Kawasaki, Japan. The company indicated that it will apply for additional 5G licenses to cover its other Japanese locations.

Private 5G allows a company or another organization (such as a government agency) to operate their own high-speed network, and to tailor that network to the needs of the organization. However, installing such a network requires considerable technological expertise and a suitable test environment.

With that in mind, Fujitsu is also hoping to serve as a technology partner for other businesses looking to adopt 5G. In addition to launching its own private network, Fujitsu will be opening a FUJITSU Collaboration Lab in the spring to workshop potential use cases of 5G. The Collaboration Lab is intended to be a co-creation space for Fujitsu and other interested parties.

“We’re looking forward to the chance to work together with our customers and partners to leverage private 5G network technologies to solve business challenges across a wide range of industries and use case scenarios,” said Fujitsu Corporate Executive Officer SVP Shingo Mizuno.

While the license is a major 5G milestone, Fujitsu is not the only company currently trying to advance 5G technology in Japan. NEC recently teamed up with Samsung to create a joint 5G sales team, and previously partnered with NTT DOCOMO to carry out multiple 5G trials in the country. The Japanese telecom KDDI has also selected Ericsson as its primary 5G vendor.