Gemalto Announces SSO Solution for the Cloud

Gemalto Announces SSO Solution for the CloudGemalto is aiming to expand the use of Public Key Infrastructure security to the cloud with its latest offering, SafeNet Trusted Access.

The solution is designed to enable enterprise workers to access cloud- and web-based resources using a Single Sign-On solution that leverages the same physical smart cards and tokens they use for on-premise security. That means CISOs will be able to extend their access policies to cloud-based systems, helping to ensure that a uniform standard of security is applied throughout the organization’s IT infrastructure.

Offering his commentary in a statement from Gemalto, 451 Research Principal Security Analyst Garrett Bekker explained, “As much as cloud computing is recognized for its many benefits, the reality for most firms is that they will be operating in a hybrid environment for years to come.” But Gemalto’s solution, by “enabling firms to extend their existing PKI investments to cloud and web-based resources,” can help them to “build on their existing security frameworks to accelerate their digital and cloud transformation.”

The solution’s announcement comes just over a week after Gemalto announced the launch of new data centers in the European Union intended to support its SafeNet Authentication and SafeNet Trusted Access solutions. The company is placing a stronger focus on cloud-based services, with plans to open additional data centers in North America before the end of the year.