Gemalto to Provide eSIM, Communications Security Tech for French Ministry of Interior

As French security forces move toward 4G communication networks, and prepare for the 5G revolution to come, the Ministry of Interior has selected Gemalto to deliver SIM, eSIM, and cellular subscription management solutions.

The aim is to ensure that public safety personnel will have constant, reliable access to communications networks, and the ability to switch between private broadband, public LTE, and tactically deployed networks as necessary. Gemalto will also provide security solutions for network access, helping to defend against digital threats.

In a statement announcing the contract, the French Ministry of Interior’s head of information system technologies for national security, General Bruno Poirier Coutansais lauded Gemalto’s “unique blend of expertise across device security, authentication and secure connectivity”, asserting that it will allow the government “to deploy reliable, resilient and trusted private critical communication networks for French national security units.” General Coutansais added that Gemalto’s technology will also help the Ministry to “comply with the most stringent regulations… for ultra-secure mobile networks.”

Gemalto has not disclosed the value or duration of the new Ministry of Interior contract; but the company predicted in its recent Q3 update that revenues would increase in the fourth quarter, thanks in part to major government programs.