Gemalto Offers Microsoft Azure Clients a New Security Tool

Gemalto is offering Microsoft Azure clients a new security tool. The company has announced that its Hold Your Own Key (HYOK) capability based on the SafeNet Luna Hardware Security Modules (HSMs) is now available to customers of Microsoft Azure Information Protection.Gemalto Offers Microsoft Azure Clients a New Security Tool

The solution allows users to manage their own encryption keys using on-premises HSMs care of Gemalto, either through Microsoft’s Active Directory Rights Management Services or Azure Rights Management Services. That means they don’t need to rely on their cloud provider to manage their encryption keys, a potentially important advantage for organizations operating in highly regulated fields.

Meanwhile, Gemalto has also won a 2017 Cybersecurity Excellence Award for its SafeNet KeySecure solution. The encryption key management system, which is designed to enable integration with cloud service providers, won in the category of “best encryption product”.

The developments together underline Gemalto’s increasing prominence as a provider of encryption security solutions as the enterprise sector grows increasingly aware of digital threats.