Goodix Announces World’s First In-Display Fingerprint Sensor

Goodix has followed through on its promise of a new “world’s first” technology at this year’s Mobile World Congress with what appears to be the first commercial, in-display fingerprint sensor.

Goodix Announces World's First In-Display Fingerprint SensorIt’s designed for integration directly into an AMOLED screen, and the company says it offers a “compact size and very low power consumption”, according to a statement. Demonstrating a potential use case of the system, promotional materials depict a phone sporting an almost full-sized display, with a graphic prompting a fingerprint scan in the middle of the screen to authorize a mobile payment transaction.

Goodix has so far offered no clues as to the technology underlying its in-display sensor system. In any case, the company has established a pioneering position in the mobile biometrics field, with numerous companies including Apple having sought to bring fingerprint scanning directly into the device display.

Goodix is showing off the technology from its stand at booth #1F40 during Mobile World Congress, where it’s sure to attract considerable attention throughout the week.