Gov2Go App Offers One-Stop Shop for Government Services

NIC Inc. has announced the nationwide release of its Gov2Go platform.

(image via Business Wire)

The solution is designed to offer a one-stop mobile app for all government services, from the municipal level to the federal level. It tracks the user’s government interactions and can provide notifications about elections, amber alerts, and payments that are due; and with respect to the latter, users can easily make payments to government through the app via stored payment information and biometric verification. Digital parks passes can also be accessed through the app.

The platform is hosted on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform, and it “marks the beginning of more collaboration between NIC and Microsoft,” according to a statement announcing Gov2Go’s availability in all 50 states. But it’s also designed to work with any device, from a Windows laptop to an Apple TV; and NIC says it will soon be compatible with voice-based AI platforms including Microsoft’s Cortana and Amazon’s Alexa, as well as Google Home.

While Gov2Go is available nationwide, NIC says it has enabled “an expanded library of government services” to citizens in Colorado, Nebraska, and Arkansas, and that in the latter state it has already seen 20 percent of all adults sign up for Gov2Go notifications. Such expanded services will come to additional states before the year’s end, the company says.