GSMA Innovation City Will Showcase Mobile Tech at Mobile World Congress

Mobile-World-Congress-20151Mobile industry advocate GSMA has announced that at this year’s Mobile World Congress it will construct an immersive showcase called GSMA Innovation City. The project is a larger follow-up to last year’s Connected City exhibition.
The general idea is to create an environment simulating a real city setting in which a number of mobile technologies are demonstrated with respect to their impact on everyday life. The environment will include shops, trains, a theatre, and a “dental spa”, and will showcase products and services from partners such as AT&T, Vodafone, Sierra Wireless, and many others.
There will be a variety of different kinds of technologies on display, but connectivity in the context of the Internet of Things will be a key focal point, with companies like Jasper emphasizing the wide variety of applications of IoT technologies. AT&T will also be presenting IoT technologies, and will demonstrate a connected car – an IoT application that looks to be picking up steam. There will also be displays on surveillance applications, with Vodafone demonstrating remote surveillance tools for smart cities; athletic biometrics, via the XensrAIR wearable device, which will be used in a live BMX demonstration; NFC bike locks; and many more technologies and applications.