GSMA Reiterates Health and Safety Measures in Wake of Ericsson’s MWC Cancellation

GSMA Reiterates Health and Safety Measures in Wake of Ericsson's MWC Cancellation

The GSMA is once again assuring guests that MWC Barcelona will proceed as scheduled, despite ongoing concerns about the coronavirus. The latest statement was made in response to the news that Ericsson has decided not to attend the annual conference at the end of the month.

The GSMA acknowledged that Ericsson’s absence would inevitably have an impact on the event, if only because Ericsson remains one of the largest players in the mobile ecosystem. The organization nevertheless expressed optimism for the future, noting that Ericsson will be returning for 2021, and that many other exhibitors have already made similar commitments.

For now, the organization simply reiterated that it is taking every precaution to ensure the health and safety of its guests. In addition to increasing the amount of onsite medical support, the organization will be providing masks and cleaning venues more frequently. It is also working to educate exhibitors about sanitary best practices for the event.

To that end, the GSMA is a proponent of the guidelines laid out by the World Health Organization. The GSMA recommends that guests arrive early to give themselves time to self-quarantine, and suggests that exhibitors may wish to send local colleagues instead of representatives from high-risk areas.  

MWC Barcelona is scheduled to run from February 24-27.