Bank’s Embrace of Mobile Biometrics Nets World Finance Awards

Kuwait’s Gulf Bank has cleaned up at the World Finance Awards 2016, winning both awards for its country in the categories of Best Digital Bank and Best Mobile Banking App. And the company is giving much of the credit to its embrace of biometric technology.Bank's Embrace of Mobile Biometrics Nets World Finance Awards

The bank took advantage of this technology last year, implementing fingerprint and facial recognition in its mobile app for customer authentication. The biometrics act as a password replacement, allowing users to log in easily and securely in order to perform banking transactions through their smartphones.

In a statement announcing its World Finance Awards, Gulf Bank said its mobile app features “are ushering in a new frontier” with respect to security and convenience, and said it “achieved this feat through its fingerprint and facial recognition software”.

The system also features liveness detection, with customers required to blink while authenticating via facial recognition. It’s based on Daon’s IdentityX biometric identity platform for mobile, which has seen a number of other high-profile deployments, with that of Gulf Bank’s mobile app unlikely to be the last.