Hexoskin Shirt Takes Wearable Biometrics Into the Cold

Mobile ID In The WorkplaceWearable tech developer Hexoskin has launched a new shirt based on the same biometric technology used in its advanced fitness-tracking vest, according to a Gizmag article by Chris Wood. The Hexoskin shirt is ideal for cold weather, offering a high level of biometric functionality while also providing warmth and comfort.

According to the article, the sensors woven into the fabric of the shirt track 42,000 different data points every minute. They collect biometric data on calories burned, heart rate, respiration, cadence, and other such measures, and transmit that information via a small, 40-gram devices that can be attached to the shirt when it’s in use. And it works in conjunction with dedicated apps on Android and iOS devices.

The product arrives at a good time, and not just because of winter’s onset. The wearable tech market is growing quickly, and competitors are already plunging into the field with similar offerings. Hexoskin has good reason to feel confident in its own products, though; its original shirt surpassed its target on the crowdfunding site Indiegogo last year.