HID Global, Keyfactor Team Up on Digital Certificate Management for the Enterprise

HID Global, Keyfactor Team Up on Digital Certificate Management for the Enterprise

HID Global has teamed up with Keyfactor, bringing its IdenTrust digital certificates to the latter’s Keyfactor platform.

The latter is designed to allow administrators to track and manage digital certificates across the enterprise. Such digital certificates are used to establish trusted connections between a user’s computer or browser and the servers or sites that they are accessing, adding a layer of security to online activities.

As Keyfactor Chief Security Officer Chris Hickman explained in a statement announcing the collaboration, “Misconfigured systems, unprotected enrollment servers such as Simple Certificate Enrollment Protocol (SCEP), or other weaknesses can be exploited by hackers or rogue users to obtain fraudulent certificates that enable system access or ‘imposter’ certificates that represent other users with elevated access. Finding rogue user or device certificates and preventing administrator impersonation can only be achieved by gathering and inspecting every internal and external certificate within the organization’s PKI.”

This is the aim of the combined IdenTrust-Keyfactor solution, which automates the certificate management process and, as Keyfactor Chief Strategy Officer and co-founder Kevin von Keyserling added, “empowers business leaders to manage the operational and security risks that growing digital identity adoption presents.”

News of the collaboration comes soon after HID Global’s announcement last month that its Seos credentialing technology would be integrated into Fidesmo Secure Element chips for wearable devices, further bolstering HID’s reputation as a provider of digital credentialing technologies.