HID Global Providing Tanzania With Expanded e-Immigration Services

HID Global Providing Tanzania With Expanded e-Immigration Services

HID Global is expanding the scope of its e-Immigration partnership with Tanzania, delivering a broader e-Passport service that will allow the country to issue electronic visa and residency permits in addition to electronic passports. The new service will also simplify the application process and allow visitors and prospective residents to apply for their travel documents online.

“Immigration officers in Tanzania now have a convenient and efficient toolset for vetting and granting electronic visa and residence permit credentials to applicants,” said Rob Haslam, the Vice President of Sales for HID Global’s Citizen ID business.

The news comes just over a year after Tanzania deployed e-Passports with HID technology, and dovetails with the country’s ongoing investment in digital and biometric infrastructure. In the past few years alone, Tanzania has introduced biometric screening at airports and formed a partnership with GenKey to implement a biometric election system.

“This is an important milestone as we continue to broaden the capabilities of our e-Immigration ecosystem,” added Anna Peter Makakala, Tanzania’s Commissioner General of Immigration. “We plan to continue expanding this solution to our country’s border crossings and across the broader global community as we become a showcase for efficient, comprehensive and integrated e-Immigration solutions.”

(Originally posted on FindBiometrics)