HID Global Unveils Cloud-Based WorkforceID Services

HID Global has unveiled a new cloud-based credentialing platform dubbed WorkforceID. The portfolio is ISO 27001-certified, and includes a number of different services that can be used for digital and physical access control and visitor management.

HID Global Unveils Cloud-Based WorkforceID Services

In that regard, WorkforceID is essentially an upgraded version of the HID SAFE access management software. HID Global used feedback from more than 250 organizations to improve workflows and make the platform more user friendly.

The first two services available through the WorkforceID platform are a visitor manager and a badge and credentialing system. The Visitor Manager allows guests to sign in using a self-service kiosk, with an interface that can be configured based on the security needs of the organization. The Credential Manager, on the other hand, can onboard new employees through the cloud and then print individual ID badges. The system will let administrators know exactly who has access to each location at any given time.

“WorkforceID will offer unique services to address evolving and specialized work environments, from expediting hospital visits and healthcare worker onboarding to accelerating workplace security audits,” said HID Global VP and IAMS Managing Director Brad Jarvis.  “We will continue to launch new applications with our WorkforceID platform that will support a growing family of trusted identity solutions for workplaces.”

Those new applications are expected to include better analytics and reporting tools for the enterprise. Companies can use WorkforceID to manage one single office, or to cover a number of remote locations.

WorkforceID arrives several months after HID Global launched a new Signo line of access control readers. The company also launched a separate cloud-based Credential Management Service in June of 2019.

Since then, Gartner has identified HID Global as a leader in the realm of indoor location services in its 2020 Magic Quadrant report. HID Global is the first company to receive that particular commendation.