HID Global’s Malta Facility Gets Three ISO Certifications

HID Global has achieved ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and ISO 14298 certifications for its manufacturing facility in Malta. All three certifications were awarded in the past five months, and indicate that the site meets the ISO standards for quality, environmental practices, and security, respectively.

HID Global's Malta Facility Gets Three ISO Certifications

The Malta facility has shipped more than 70 million identity documents since it was established in 2009. The ISO 9001 certification attests to the quality and safety of the site’s processes and products, while the ISO 14001 certification confirms that it meets certain legislative requirements and is working to prevent pollution and minimize its environmental footprint.

Finally, the ISO 14298 certification verifies that the Malta site has strong security procedures in place. With the announcement, HID Global becomes one of only a handful of companies that have obtained ISO 14298 certification for all of its manufacturing facilities.  

“HID’s ISO certifications reinforce our commitment to equip governments with premier identity documents that are manufactured and inspected using processes that adhere to the most well-known and respected compliance standards in the industry,” said Jessica Westerouen van Meeteren, an HID Global VP and the company’s Managing Director for Citizen Identity.

Passport booklets are amongst the documents that HID Global manufactures at the Malta site. The company has previously provided government identity documents for citizens in Angola and Tanzania, and recently finalized its acquisition of De La Rue’s passport business