HID Global’s Simple Verifier Speeds Up Age Checks with goID

HID Global's Simple Verifier Speeds Up Age Checks with goID

HID Global has launched a new device that makes it easier for government agencies and private organizations to verify the ages of people with a mobile ID stored on their smartphone. The pocket-sized device is called the Simple Verifier, and it was designed to be compatible with IDs provided through the HID goID mobile identity platform.

So how does it work? The Simple Verifier uses Bluetooth technology to send a secure, random code to a mobile ID stored on someone’s phone. The interaction serves as proof of age, offering more privacy because the age is the only piece of information shared as part of the process.

“The Simple Verifier is ideal for establishments such as bars, clubs and any entity that must verify customers’ ages before permitting entry or the purchase and consumption of alcohol,” said HID Global Senior Director Steve Warnel. “The latest addition to HID goID is a powerful digital verification tool that supports broader age-restricted products and services initiatives.”

HID Global first launched HID goID back in 2016, and has since upgraded the platform with the debut of goID Gateway as a provisioning solution back in October. The platform is part of a broader mobile identity initiative that is designed to replace physical IDs with government-sanctioned digital alternatives.