Hilltop Cybersecurity Adds Cryptocurrency Verification System to Platform

Hilltop Cybersecurity has teamed up with a new partner to add some extra security to its Vauban digital security platform.Hilltop Cybersecurity Adds Cryptocurrency Verification System to Platform

BIG Blockchain Intelligence Group specializes in blockchain search and analytics technology, offering a solution designed to verify cryptocurrency called BitRank Verified. Hilltop is integrating the solution into its Vauban digital security platform, and will provide a commission fee to BIG whenever it’s used to process transactions with Vauban.

In a statement announcing the partnership, Hilltop Cybersecurity CEO Corby Marshall explained that the integration “adds a new analysis capability including an unrivaled ability to track and trace transactions in line with regulatory requirements,” adding that it’s part of his firm’s effort to continually evolve its defenses. BIG CEO Lance Morginn, meanwhile, suggested the deal reflects a growing appetite for improved security in the cryptocurrency industry, asserting that “demand is growing quickly” for his firm’s solution.

News of the integration arrives after Hilltop Cybersecurity announced a cryptocurrency wallet device earlier this month. The wallet is designed to be unlocked by a fingerprint scan, and is currently in prototype form, with no release date yet announced.