Home Security System Can Recognize Faces, Send Mobile Alerts

A new home security system uses AI-driven facial recognition to detect both familiar faces and potential intruders.

Home Security System Can Recognize Faces, Send Mobile Alerts

(image via Ooma)

Called Butterfleye, the compact camera system is part of the Ooma Home Security platform. It records 1080 HD video, and features 16GB of storage. Users can remotely view the camera feed at any time, and if an intruder is detected, a peripheral siren device can sound off as a deterrent or an alert to neighbors – and at a volume of 100 decibels, it would certainly be alarming.

It’s another example of the growing preponderance of facial recognition technology. While Ooma’s biometric security camera isn’t a world’s first, it arrives amid a growing familiarity with biometric technologies in the mass market, with Apple having made a big splash with the Face ID authentication system built into its latest iPhone.

The Ooma Home Security platform also includes a geofencing system designed to activate the security system when the last authorized users leaves the home or building, and to deactivate it when recognized users come back. Other optional components include a garage door sensor that can be monitored from a user’s smartphone, and a smoke detector designed to send mobile alerts when it goes off.

Ooma showcased these devices at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, which concludes today.