Unisys Finds Hong Kong Banking Customers Ready for AI and Automation, As Long As Its Secure

Unisys Finds Hong Kong Banking Customers Ready for AI and Automation, As Long As Its SecureAre you ready for your banking to include Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning? According to research from the Unisys Corporation, customers from Hong Kong are, albeit “moderately” so. The latest research reveals a more than lukewarm interest in supporting data sharing in an open banking environment, as long as security and privacy are ensured.

How do you feel about the banks using AI to assess eligibility for credit cards and home loans, or how you the prospect of banks sharing data with non-bank entities to offer new service? The Unisys APAC Banking Insights – Banking on the CX Factor examined these attitudes in banking customers from Hong Kong, Australia, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Taiwan.  

According to the results, Hong Kong customers are annoyed by long lines and are even more peeved when “online” services need to be completed by physically printing out a document or visiting a brick and mortar location.

“The Unisys Banking Insights findings suggest there is a great opportunity for Hong Kong banks to use smart software to lead decision making for commodity products such as credit cards. But currently consumers are less willing to use this for life events such as home loan applications which involve larger financial amounts and emotional involvement,” said Richard Parker, Vice President Financial Services, Unisys Asia Pacific.

Unisys has skin in this digital banking game, and offers solutions that could appease Hong Kong’s banking customers– Solutions like its new Elevate retail banking solution which includes an end-to-end software program and suite of applications designed for financial institutions to deliver omnichannel banking solutions.