Huawei Honor 7i Uses FPC Fingerprint Sensor

Huawei Honor 7i Uses FPC Fingerprint SensorHuawei’s new Honor 7i mobile device once again finds the China-based smartphone maker using FPC technology. The Honor 7i employs the FPC1145 fingerprint sensor.

It’s the continuation of an established partnership, Huawei having integrated FPC sensors into other recent mobile devices including the MaiMang 4, the Ascend Mate 7, and the original Honor 7. In a statement acknowledging the integration, FPC CEO Jörgen Lantto asserted that “Huawei is a leading smartphone manufacturer and we are proud that Huawei selected FPC1145 for Honor 7i,” adding that it follows “the great success” of previous integrations.

The Honor 7i integration is part of a much bigger trend that has seen numerous Asia-based smartphone makers implement FPC technology into their new smartphones – to such an extent that FPC has had to revise its revenue guidance for the year, bumping it up from SEK 2.2 billion to SEK 2.5 billion. And beyond that, it reflects smartphone makers’ growing interest in biometric authentication technology, and fingerprint sensors in particular. That interest is poised only to increase with the approaching release of Google’s Android M operating system, whose native fingerprint authentication capabilities could spur even more companies to take advantage of FPC’s technology.