IDEMIA Deploys Motion Code Tech in New Credit Card in Spain

IDEMIA Deploys Motion Code Tech in New Credit Card in Spain

IDEMIA has teamed up with Mastercard and Deutsche Bank to place its Motion Code technology in a new credit card in Spain. The new card has been dubbed the Tarjeta Calma.

So what makes Motion Code so significant? Traditional credit cards have a static three-digit CVV code on the back of the card, which usually needs to be entered when completing an online transaction. The code provides an extra layer of security, but its efficacy is limited if the card is stolen or a fraudster manages to figure out the relatively simple code.

Motion Code improves on that with a dynamic CVC code that changes every four hours. The new code is determined at random, so it is much harder to guess and makes cloning and data theft far more difficult.    

“The Tarjeta Calma offers customers the latest security tech so that they can buy online in an environment where online shopping is growing,” said Deutsche Bank Card Manager Luis Miegimolle. “We are thrilled to pioneer this technology in Spain and introduce this product.”

Motion Code was first unveiled back in 2017, prior to the formation of IDEMIA. The RHB Banking Group in Malaysia recently became the first Southeast Asian financial institution to adopt the technology after integrating it into its Rewards Motion Code Credit Card in July.