IDEMIA Forms eSIM Partnership with MobileIron

IDEMIA Forms eSIM Partnership with MobileIron

IDEMIA and MobileIron have announced a new partnership that will bring IDEMIA’s eSIM technology to MobileIron’s IT management platforms. The integration will revolve around IDEMIA’s Smart Connect Hub, which is designed to be platform agnostic, allowing enterprise IT managers to manage employee accounts and connectivity profiles regardless of the devices those employees happen to be using.

Together with Microsoft, IDEMIA discussed the benefits of eSIM technology in a recent interview. Its new partnership with MobileIron is an effort to bridge the enterprise and consumer markets with a flexible solution that will be able to adapt as eSIM becomes more prevalent in phones, laptops, tablets, and other devices.

“At IDEMIA, we understand full well the challenges that mobile operators face when supporting eSIM,” said IDEMIA VP Emir Aboulhosn. “Our Smart Connect Hub is purpose-built to enable the provisioning and activation of eSIM profiles on operators’ networks without them having to overhaul their existing systems.” 

“We are happy to be working with Microsoft and IDEMIA to extend the benefits of eSIM connectivity management to our customers,” added MobileIron SVP Brian Foster.

The partnership with IDEMIA will allow MobileIron to futureproof its business and prepare for an eSim market that is projected to hit 1.4 billion consumer devices by 2025 as mobile network operators and device manufacturers embrace the new technology.