MWC 2018: IDEMIA, Omoove Mobile Solution Turns Your Face Into Your Car Key

IDEMIA and Omoove have developed a new smartphone-based system that lets users gain access to their car with a selfie.IDEMIA, Omoove Mobile Solution Turns Your Face Into Your Car Key

It’s a new feature of EasyOpen, a solution previously developed by the companies that is designed to create a virtual car key on a user’s smartphone. Now, users can establish the virtual key with an enrollment process based on facial recognition and document reading; once an authorized user is established, that user can access a given vehicle just by looking at their smartphone.

In a statement announcing this latest development, IDEMIA EVP Yves Portalier highlighted its applications in the growing car sharing market, describing it as a means of “making the user experience even more simple”.

The development’s announcement comes very soon after Yann Delabrière had been appointed the Chairman of IDEMIA’s Supervisory Board. Delabrière had previously served as CEO of Faurecia, an automotive equipment supplier; thus his appointment pointed to IDEMIA’s growing interest in the automotive sector, which has seen an intensifying convergence with IT over recent months and years.

Accordingly, IDEMIA and Omoove are showing off their new solution at this week’s Mobile World Congress, where connected car technologies have gained some traction. And given that they’re demoing the solution with a Maserati Levante, they are likely to attract some conspicuous attention throughout the week.