IDEMIA Solidifies eSIM Footing with Otono Acquisition

IDEMIA has acquired Otono Networks, marking its first acquisition since the company was formed by the merger of Safran Identity & Security and Oberthur Technologies last year.IDEMIA Solidifies eSIM Footing with Otono Acquisition

The acquisition is motivated by IDEMIA’s pursuit of the emerging eSIM market. Otono offers a cloud-based platform aimed at helping to simplify the eSIM activation process for clients seeking to launch eSIM products and services. By incorporating this solution into its IDEMIA eSIM Lifecycle Management Platform, IDEMIA says it is able to offer a GSMA-compliant, “single-vendor, single-integration solution” that “incorporates all the necessary elements for complete eSIM lifecycle management,” according to a statement announcing the acquisition.

Elaborating on the theme, IDEMIA Digital Labs EVP Marek Juda added, “By launching the industry’s first truly infrastructure-agnostic solution, we are committed to providing operators with a way to bring eSIM devices to market faster, while offering long-term insurance in a fast-changing industry.”

With its capability of allowing connected devices to have their subscriptions reassigned or otherwise altered on a remote basis and without the need to physically remove their SIMS, eSIM technology is expected to proliferate across the connected device ecosystem in the coming years. With its Otono acquisition, IDEMIA is evidently seeking to solidify its foothold in this emerging market.