Identos Announces its First Tactivo Product Since Handoff from Precise Biometrics

Identos has announced its first addition to the Tactivo line pioneered by Precise Biometrics: A new Tactivo sleeve for the iPhone 7 and iPhone 8.Identos Announces its First Tactivo Product Since Handoff from Precise Biometrics

Tactivo sleeves are essentially smart card readers designed to attach to an iPhone, similar to how an iPhone case can be attached. They’re designed to combine the iPhone’s PIN or fingerprint recognition capability with the Tactivo smart card reader, enabling strong two-factor authentication on an iPhone; and previous versions of the products have been embraced by major government agencies including the US Department of Defense.

Precise Biometrics developed the original Tactivo readers, but the company announced last June that it would hand off this arm of its business to Germany-based Identos so that Precise Biometrics could focus entirely on its primary specialty, biometric fingerprint algorithm software. Identos would take the reins of the Tactivo business effective January 1st, 2018, and would subsequently pay Precise Biometrics a commission on all Tactivo sales for the following two years.

In a statement announcing the new Tactivo for iPhone 7 & 8 Sleeve, Identos asserted that it’s the first Tactivo product “developed solely by Identos”, but emphasized that its design and usability are “nearly identical to the Tactivo for iPhone 6/6S”, so “users won’t have any difficulties when upgrading to the new version.” Looking ahead, Identos CEO Robert Schneider added, “We are very committed to the Tactivo product line and will introduce more exciting products during the course of the year.”