IDEX Biometrics Proselytizes Fingerprint Recognition Benefits

Biometrics News - IDEX Biometrics Proselytizes Fingerprint Recognition Benefits

IDEX Biometrics is once again highlighting some of the advantages of fingerprint recognition. In a post on its blog, the company notes that biometric authentication is more convenient and more secure than conventional alternatives like passwords, especially given the frequency of high-profile data breaches over the past few years. A biometric identifier like a fingerprint can never be forgotten, and the information is more difficult to exploit if it does become exposed.

IDEX also argues that fingerprint recognition is superior to modalities like face and voice recognition, primarily because fingerprints are more constant. The aging process will inevitably create subtle changes in vocal characteristics and complexion, while facial hair or a new pair of glasses can create a more sudden shift. Any one of those changes can force someone to update their biometric template.  

Fingerprints, on the other hand, are more resistant to the march of time. That makes them a reliable option for a variety of different applications, including biometric cards. Fingerprint scanners are now available in a far more compact form factor that makes them easier to deploy to enable strong biometric security.     

IDEX recently released a new TrustedBio line of system-on-chip solutions, which will help reduce production costs for smart card manufacturers. The COVID-19 pandemic has raised some doubts about the cleanliness of shared fingerprint readers. However, that is obviously less of a concern with a fingerprint scanner that is built into a device like a payment card, which only has a single user.    

(Originally posted on FindBiometrics)