IDG Recognizes ZTE with Four Awards at CES 2016

IDG Recognizes ZTE with Four Awards at CES 2016ZTE Mobile Devices has won four awards in the International Data Group (IDG)’s Global Top Brands Awards Ceremony at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show, the company has announced. It won in the categories of Top 10 Brands from China, Global Top 50 CE Brands, Global Smart Phones Top 10, and Global Connected Devices Top 10.

Commenting on the awards in a statement, IDG CMO Josh London said they “recognize ZTE’s strong brand and product range which demonstrate its position as a global leading company in the age of smart connectivity and mobile internet.” Presumably, ZTE’s flagship line of Axon smartphones played an important factor in IDG’s accolades; the company has been showing off its Axon Pro, Axon Mini, and Axon Max smartphones.

Among other advanced features, these mobile devices feature sophisticated biometric identification technologies. All of the Axon smartphones use FPC1025 fingerprint sensors running on Precise BioMatch Mobile algorithm software; and they also feature EyeVerify’s eye vein-based biometric software. This kind of technological advancement is likely to become more popular as biometric capabilities continue to proliferate across the smartphone spectrum and as more users take advantage of mPayment platforms, which tend to rely on biometrics for transaction authentication; and with ZTE getting this kind of positive attention for devices using multiple modalities, other OEMs may take notice and emulate that approach themselves.