IDnow Becomes Latest Member of the FIDO Alliance

IDnow Becomes Latest Member of the FIDO Alliance

IDnow has become an official member of the FIDO Alliance. The developer of the AutoIdent identity verification platform will lend its expertise to further the Alliance’s efforts to establish strong password-free security and authentication standards.

“IDnow brings innovative AI-based identity verification technology and a high level of security experience to the Alliance,” said FIDO Executive Director and CMO Andrew Shikiar. “We look forward to their contributions and input, especially as we work as an industry to provide security standards and best practices for identity verification.”

“It will be exciting to develop the identity verification market over the next few years as part of the FIDO Alliance,” added IDnow CEO Andreas Bodczek. “We look forward to working with other companies in the technology industry and are proud to become a member.”

Developed in collaboration with DERMALOG, the AI-based AudoIdent solution uses facial recognition and machine learning to verify people’s identities through a web browser or a mobile device. IDnow recently added the Lottoland online gaming platform to the roster of AutoIdent customers, and should be able to help answer FIDO’s call for better identity proofing technology in the wake of a hearing in the US House of Representatives.

The FIDO Alliance is now seeking speakers for June’s “Authenticate” industry event.