ImageWare Joins AWS Partner Network

ImageWare is leveraging the power of Amazon Web Services (AWS) to deliver its multi-modal biometric authentication solutions, the company has announced. It is now an AWS Partner Network (APN) Technology Partner.

ImageWare Is Now An AWS Partner Network Technology Partner.This means that the identity solutions provider will now be able to host its GoMobile Interactive platform on AWS cloud computing services, offering it to GoVerifyID app users on a Security-as-a-Service (SaaS) model. AWS services such as virtual computing for apps and secure cloud storage could help ImageWare to run a more enhanced and efficient service for its users.

Commenting in a statement, ImageWare CEO Jim Miller said the move “builds upon our commercial collaboration strategy and significantly increases our market exposure,” adding that his company “will benefit from the business, technical, and marketing support that AWS provides to its APN members, as well as AWS’ expansive geographical footprint.”

If the AWS partnership does indeed help ImageWare to reach a wider market, it could prove a significant boon for the company given the rising popularity of mobile biometrics.

(Originally posted on FindBiometrics)