Investors Invited to Lend a Hand to eyeHand Development

A small company is looking for a few helping hands in getting its new wearable concept to market. Called eyeCam, the company is working on a new device called the eyeHand, which would project a virtual smartphone interface onto a user’s hand.

Investors Invited to Lend a Hand to eyeHand DevelopmentIn a statement announcing its new equity crowdfunding campaign, eyeCam referred to its 2010 patents on “a standalone headset and operating system” and 2012 patents relating to “the eyeHand wearable projection mapping, display and 3D interfacing system,” suggesting that eyeHand may be based on technology similar to the virtual keyboard projection technology that Samsung has been exploring, which uses smartglasses equipped with dual cameras to enable interaction with virtual objects projected for the user. But concept images from eyeCam depict a literal projection being emitted from a wristband, which presumably would still rely on some kind of camera system to detect user interaction with the projected images.

Ultimately, the precise mechanisms in operation may not matter so much as the various technologies being used; in the company’s statement, CEO and co-founder Bryan Davis emphasized that “eyeCam is an innovation company, we design and engineer products for other companies to manufacture and sell as their own.”

With its eyeHand crowdfunding campaign, eyeCam is seeking minimum investments of $10,000, with its goal being to raise $10 million.