SRI Identity Announces IOM Access Control Tablet

Identity management solutions provider SRI Identity has announced a new product for physical and logical access control. Part of the Identity on the Move (IOM) product portfolio, it’s called the IOM Access Control Tablet.

It’s an apt name: The device is essentially an Android-based tablet capable of iris scanning for access control applications. In a statement announcing the device,  Mark Clifton—President, Products and Solutions Division, and Vice President, SRI International—suggested it’s aimed at “mainstream” applications, and called iris scanning “the gold standard of biometric identification”.

But the device offers a number of other useful functionalities for workplace applications, including employee scheduling, two-way video chat, and alerts—all through a single device. Moreover, it enables time and attendance tracking, providing a particularly accurate system that could help to reduce administrative costs by cutting down paperwork and the kinds of errors that can arise with traditional, manual time and attendance systems.

SRI Identity plans to showcase the new device at this year’s ISC West security trade show, and will also nominate it for the Security Industry Association’s New Product Showcase Awards.

(Originally posted on FindBiometrics)