IoT Will Drive Huge Datacenter Growth: Report

IoT Will Drive Huge Datacenter Growth: ReportIT market research firm International Data Corporation has released a new report predicting major investment in datacenters to support expansion of the Internet of Things. The report, entitled “Impact of Internet of Things on Datacenter Demand and Operations”, suggests that between 2014 and 2019, the datacenter capacity used by the IoT will increase by 750 percent.

In a synopsis, IDC said “investments in the datacenter will be critical for IoT services to reach their full potential.” The firm believes IoT will become the major driver in expanding datacenter capacity over the coming years, especially with the growing importance of big data and analytics. Moreover, even as IoT services will put more pressure on datacenters, service providers will increasingly use IoT technologies to help them manage their own datacenter usage and efficiency.

IDC is among the first research and analysis firms to raise the alarm about the intense IT pressures of the burgeoning Internet of Things; others have started warning about the need to upgrade computer processing systems as voice recognition software continues to be adopted into the tech world – another major component of the IoT. And with high-level investment now pouring into IoT research and development, we can expect more such warnings going forward as the field expands.