Iovation to Tackle Authentication Issues in Opus Research IoT Discussion

Opus Research is hosting an “Authentication in the Age of IoT” discussion panel at its Intelligent Authentication Conference. The discussion will feature participants Tristan Prince of Iovation, and Chuck Buffum of Knurld, who will answer questions from Opus Research founder Dan Miller.

Iovation to Tackle Authentication Issues in Opus Research IoT DiscussionIn a statement, Prince asserted that the Internet of Things is poised for considerable growth, citing Gartner data predicting the emergence of 20 billion IoT devices by 2020; but he emphasized that along with this growth will come the emergence of new security threats. “While these devices are already transforming and simplifying the way we live, their connectivity also introduces many potentially dire security consequences,” he said.

It’s a sentiment echoed by numerous security experts concerned with the IoT, and points to the need for strong authentication mechanisms. For his part, Iovation’s Prince will focus on mCommerce applications, an area in which his company has some expertise with its Customer Authentication service, which smoothes out the consumer experience by allowing trusted devices to instantly log in to low-risk areas of online accounts.

As the IoT continues to take shape, it’s likely we’ll see many more panel discussions like Opus Research’s in the months to come, as users, service providers, tech companies, and others begin to assess the security threats emerging with the IoT. The Intelligent Authentication Conference takes place April 26th-27th in London.