Ipsidy’s New Identity Portal Simplifies ID Verification on Web Browsers

Ipsidy's New Identity Portal Simplifies ID Verification on Web Browsers

Ipsidy is trying to simplify identity verification and authentication with a new web browser interface that does not require any back-end coding or software integration. Dubbed the Identity Portal, the new platform combines Ipsidy’s flagship Proof and Verified services to enable mobile identity verification and authentication with minimal technical expertise.

Proof is a mobile document reading service that allows customers to upload official government documents before verifying their authenticity with facial recognition. Verified, meanwhile, is a biometric authentication service that allows people to log into accounts and authorize transactions with a selfie taken from a smartphone.

Both services can be customized through the Identity Portal, allowing clients to create customer groups and specify the level of authentication and security required for different types of interactions. Companies can also use Verified to send secure messages to customers, which guards against various forms of fraud and should help customers feel safer and more confident when dealing with in-home service providers such as repair technicians.

The user-friendly Identity Portal should appeal to companies looking for convenient mobile onboarding and authentication. That, in turn, should add value to Ipsidy’s portfolio ahead of the company’s planned IPO, especially in the wake of its strong Q1 fiscal report. The news comes after Ipsidy released a biometric time tracking app in June that makes it easier for employers to monitor employee attendance.

(Originally posted on FindBiometrics)