Ipsidy Launches Proof App, Combining Selfie Authentication and Gov’t ID

Ipsidy Launches Proof App, Combining Selfie Authentication and Gov't ID

Ipsidy has a released a new biometric security app that combines government IDs with selfie authentication to make customer onboarding more convenient and more secure. Dubbed Proof, the app allows customers to use an Android or Apple camera to scan their government ID, and uses the digital signature to verify its authenticity.

Proof then relies on Ipsidy’s facial recognition technology to match the document to the user. The platform takes a live selfie and measures it against the facial image stored in the ID. The two-step verification is complete once the match is confirmed.

Financial institutions and other companies can send a Proof request to a mobile phone number. After that, the new client is able to complete the rest of the on-boarding process from their smartphone.

“We are seeing an escalating demand from our financial services clients for a secure, digital customer onboarding solution,” said Datapro CTO Javier Montero. Datapro is an existing Ipsidy partner, and will be the first company to utilize Ipsidy’s new solution. “By extending our partnership with Ipsidy, we can provide a digital onboarding solution that ultimately provides an extra level of security and trust.”

Proof is compatible with any government-issued ID that uses the ICAO 9303 standard, which includes ePassports, eIDs, and even some driver’s licenses. The mobile app does not require any integration, but Ipsidy is able to provide a customized Proof service for interested partners.

Ipsidy’s Verified selfie authentication platform is already in place in banks and other financial institutions. Proof will add an extra layer of security with its incorporation of government IDs.

(Originally posted on FindBiometrics)