ISC West: Tapplock Showcases Enterprise-Grade Biometric Padlocks

ISC West: Tapplock Showcases Enterprise-Grade Biometric Padlocks

Tapplock is showcasing its latest biometric padlock at this week’s ISC West conference in Las Vegas. The Tapplock one+ can hold up to 500 authorized fingerprints, making it an ideal solution for enterprises that need to be able to provide secure access to large numbers of employees.

Companies can also use Tapplock enterprise to monitor user activity and create a timestamp record each time a lock is opened. The Tapplock enterprise platform allows companies to grant (and revoke) access privileges remotely, making it easier to manage permissions and greatly simplifying a process that used to involve vulnerable combination locks or a limited number of physical keys.

First announced at November’s ISC East in New York, The Tapplock one+ retails for $99.99, and can be opened with Morse code and Bluetooth in addition to fingerprint recognition. It features 128-bit encryption, as well as ‘anti-pry’ technology and an industry-leading waterproof rating.

The company is pitching the Tapplock one+ as a large-scale enterprise solution, although it’s worth noting that the biometric padlock competition has grown since its initial crowdfunding success. BenjiLock, for example, recently launched a lightweight TSA-approved padlock designed specifically for travel.

Both the Tapplock one+ and Tapplock enterprise are on display at booth 34078 at ISC West, which runs from April 10th to 12th.