iWallet’s Chadsey Warns of ‘Frenzied Scenario’ for Travellers

iStock_Credit CardsiWallet Corporation is warning travelers to be secure their cards this holiday season. In a new press release, the company suggests that its digitally-secured wallets and other such “techcessories” could prove invaluable in protecting consumers as they embark on their holiday travels.

In the release, CEO Jack Chadsey notes that “more than 300,000 report their passports are lost or stolen each year in the U.S. alone,” adding that travel this Thanksgiving is going to be up ten percent over last year, “creating the perfect storm for documents and data to be easily misplaced or stolen.”

iWallet products employ advanced technology to protect such items, employing fingerprint-scanning, RFID-shielding, and a Bluetooth-enabled virtual “tether” to alert users when their wallets go past a certain distance from them.

The company’s marketing pivot into travel-focused scaremongering may be a reaction to increasing competition, both from Apple’s digital payment system Apple Pay – which could help to phase out physical wallets over time by allowing mobile commerce over Apple devices – and from the likes of MasterCard and Visa themselves, which are working on credit cards enhanced with embedded biometric security. Still, none of those offerings yet match the comprehensive security offered by iWallet’s products, and the company’s focus on travel could pay dividends when its iPassport hits the market in the near future.