Japanese, Taiwanese OEMs Integrate FPC Sensors

New smartphones from major Japan- and Taiwan-based OEMs feature Fingerprint Cards fingerprint sensors, the company has announced.Japanese, Taiwanese OEMs Integrate FPC Sensors

FPC hasn’t revealed the names of these clients, but indicated that the integrations include its FPC1035 and FPC1272 sensor models. While the former is an older – and popular – fingerprint sensor model, the latter is a more recent addition to FPC’s portfolio. In a statement, Fingerprint Cards called the FPC1272 “a revolutionary and robust touch sensor which is designed exclusively to be mounted under a layer of glass or ceramics”.

The FPC1035 model, meanwhile, is designed for front- or rear-mounted integrations into fingerprint-scanning buttons on mobile devices.

News of the integrations comes in the same week as another smartphone integration announcement, with Fingerprint Cards’ FPC1145 sensor being used in the forthcoming DarkMatter KATIM device. The announcements help to underline the continuing importance of mobile integrations to FPC’s business even amid the company’s exciting news that its biometric technology is being used in a trial of a biometric payment card from Visa.