K(NO)W Identity Conference Announces Edward Snowden as Keynote Speaker

Organizers of the inaugural K(NO)W Identity Conference have acquired a high-profile keynote speaker for the conference in NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden.

K(NO)W Identity Conference Announces Edward Snowden as Keynote SpeakerThe conference will revolve around the issue of identity and security, with particular topics ranging from fraud prevention to biometric authentication. As a figure who gained international attention for leaking classified information about NSA surveillance activities, Snowden cuts both ways. On one hand, his leaks highlight the issue of digital security to organizations seeking to protect their data; on the other, his efforts highlighted the need for better identity security on the part of consumers and citizens; as K(NO)W organizers put it in a statement, Snowden’s revelations “led tech giants like Apple and Facebook to begin encrypting people’s communications to provide a key protection that not only protected citizens against mass surveillance but against potential cyber security risks.”

Snowden will present to attendees and conduct a Q&A via livestream from Russia. Other notable speakers for the conference, scheduled to present in person, include US Air Force CTO Frank Konieczny, Consult Hyperion Director of Innovation David Birch, Santander Innoventures Venture Partner Pascal Bouvier, and Cytegic Cybersecurity Chairman Carmi Gillon.

The conference will be held at the Ronald Regan Building and International Trade Center, and will run from May 15th to 17th.


(Originally posted on FindBiometrics)