Still No In-Display Tech in Latest Samsung Smartphones

Samsung has officially unveiled its latest pair of smartphones, and they still don’t feature in-display fingerprint sensors.Still No In-Display Tech in Latest Samsung Smartphones

Granted, the A6 and A6+ are not flagship devices. They’re the latest iterations in Samsung’s mid-tier product lineup, and aren’t meant to push the boundaries of mobile technology. Nevertheless, they retain the same technological focal points as those of the Galaxy S9, the flagship device launched by the company earlier this year. As with that smartphone, Samsung is emphasizing the imaging capabilities of the A6 and A6+, with the latter sporting a dual rear camera system offering a certain degree of depth perception.

The new devices also feature Samsung’s Infinity Display design, with screens that extend across almost the entire front face of each smartphone, offering an 18.5:9 aspect ratio. But that’s where an in-display fingerprint sensor would have come in handy: Without it, Samsung has once again opted to place the fingerprint sensor right below the rear camera, a design approach that frustrated many users with the Galaxy S8, and which Samsung stubbornly retained for the Galaxy S9.

There are now smartphones from lower-tier OEMs on the market that feature in-display fingerprint sensor technology, making Samsung appear increasingly lacking in this technological area. But the company is rumored to be trying to bring this technology to the forthcoming Galaxy Note 9, and the A6 and A6+ are, again, not terribly important in the company’s grander business strategy and branding. They won’t even hit the North American market, but are instead slated to debut in Europe, Asia, and Latin America this month, and to then make their way to Africa, China, and Samsung’s home turf in Korea.