Latin America Sees Growth in Smartphones, 4G, and Other Hi-Tech: GSMA

Smartphones are on the rise in Latin America, according to findings in the GSMA’s latest Mobile Trends Report.

Latin America Sees Growth in Smartphones, 4G, and Other Hi-Tech: GSMAIn 2012, smartphones accounted for only one in 10 connections in the region; now, they make up 60 percent of all connections. Looking to individual countries, Brazil, Mexico, and Argentina lead the pack, with smartphones accounting for 73, 63, and 55 percent of all mobile connections respectively; while Bolivia and Haiti tie for the lowest ratio at 33 percent.

Brazil, Mexico, and Argentina are also leading the charge toward 4G connectivity, which accounts for a quarter of all mobile connections in the region in general.

The trends track with the overall global picture outlined in the GSMA’s report, which depicts a global mobile industry that has seen significant growth over the last several years, and now the growing hold of 4G connectivity. They also appear to track with growing activity in the region’s biometric technology sector – a natural dovetailing, given the growing convergence of mobile and biometric technologies – which is also probably being helped along by the region’s “fast-growing e-commerce environment, and a vibrant tech startup ecosystem based out of major regional hubs such as Sao Paulo, Buenos Aires and Mexico City,” as GSMA Head of Latin America Sebastian Cabello put it in commentary on the findings.