Latin American MNOs Can Boost Digitization with Mobile Connect, Biometrics: Safran

The Latin American economy is digitizing, and Safran Identity & Security is seeking to place its Mobile Connect solution at the center of this trend. And what’s more, the company is promoting biometric authentication to help accelerate it.Latin American MNOs Can Boost Digitization with Mobile Connect, Biometrics: Safran

In a statement, the company asserts that with the region being “one of the fastest-growing regions for e-commerce, following Asia-Pacific,” the time is now for mobile network operators to embrace GSMA Mobile Connect, the authentication service designed to simplify SIM credential management. Safran Identity & Security asserts that Latin American MNOs “have just started to adopt Mobile Connect,” and that by incorporating biometric authentication into the solution, Banco Itaú has reduced its transaction times by 30 percent.

That enhancement came by way of Safran’s selfie-based system, which lets users confirm their identities simply by taking a short video of themselves on their smartphones, with facial recognition and liveness detection matching their biometric profiles. Safran Identity & Security LATAM Telecom Marketing Manager Rafael Canon calls it “a unique way to combine security and convenience”, adding, “in my opinion it will bring the next big boost for the digitalization of the economy in Latin America.”

With Mobile Connect solutions making their way to other parts of the Americas, and biometric authentication taking off in the mobile industry, it’s an argument that may prove persuasive to Latin American MNOs seeking to boost their digitization efforts.